The most frequently asked questions


Purif’air is much more than just an air purifier. Equipments from this range of products, besides disinfecting the air, turn it into an active agent in continuous disinfection of the environment, also disinfecting the surfaces and destroying pathogens released in people’s breathing right away.

These are certified products, widely tested by independent and renowned laboratories, having extensive documentation that proves its efficiency in its multiple fields of action.

The air is disinfected by action of UV-C radiation emitted by an integrated lamp and the disinfection is kept by the oxidant molecules released by the system. The products that have REME technology, release an ionic plasm instead that both disinfects and keeps on disinfecting the environment.

Among others a vast array, it has been proven to eliminate the following microorganisms and contaminants to a high extent:

coronavirus h1n1;
coronavirus h5n1;
staphylocoques dores;
streptococcus sp.;
pseudomonas sp.;
escherichia coli;
bacillius globigii;
staphylocoque aureus;
streptococcus pneumoniae;
bacillus cereus;
clostridium difficile;
hydrogen sulfate;
methyl mercaptan;
carbon disulfate;
butyl acetate;
methyl metarcilin;
chemicals from cleaning products;
animal smells;
perfume smells;
cigarette smells.

Purif’Air technology has been tested by the independent american laboratory BRI: Biosecurity Research Institute, a worldwide reference amongst laboratories specialized in biosecurity (Level P3). The test reports, which results are public, prove that this solution is risk free for people.

No. The mechanism through which Purif’Air acts has no interference in the good functioning of the immune system.

Yes. Super-oxidants generated by Purif’Air, by being released into the air, get in contact with the surfaces and act efficiently on contaminants that may exist.

Purif’Air products release super-oxidants that turn the air into an active barrier that destroys contaminants it contacts. As there is air between people, it will be disinfected and there will be a reduction of the pathogens exhaled.

Yes. The equipment has the CE mark.

Product delivery is often done within a week. For big purchases or projects, delivery schedules are agreed between us and the client.

No. Non-portable Purif’Air equipments can be coupled to any HVAC system without any change to previous existent structures.

Yes. Reports from laboratories can be made available to the client.

Purif’Air products efficiency has been proven by several laboratorial tests made by independent laboratories such as American laboratory BRI and French laboratory EUROFINS. Efficacy has been tested and proven in eliminating a large array of microorganisms and other contaminants e pollutants of the air.

No. The levels of oxidants released by Purif’Air are below concentrations tolerated by humans by far, presenting no risk for human health even under continuous exposure by indefinite time.

Oxidant levels where measured after a 24h period of Purif’Air activity and the results show a very low concentration, when compared to that tolerated by humans.

No. Debilitated immune systems draw the most benefit from Purif’Air because it reduces the exposure to possible aggressors

BRI laboratory has performed tests to evaluate the efficacy of Purif’Air in surfaces disinfection and the product achieved results that confirm its efficacy.

BRI laboratory performed blowing tests with resource to a sneeze simulator that measured and demonstrated that REME technology eliminates 99% of contaminants at 3 feet from the source and for PHI technology performed well, eliminating 78% of contaminants under the same circumstances.

Portable units can be fixed to the wall or just placed on a table or furniture piece and are easily installed by the final user, requiring only the connection to a 220V power plug

Units that work with HVAC systems are quickly installed by a technician without requiring any kind of structural work on the building

Yes. We are available to help you select the solutions that suits the client and its budged the best.

Portable units require only a 220V power plug and fixed units work with any HVAC system.

Yes. The laboratories that performed the testing of Purif’Air products have no ties to the maker or to the distributors of the products